Learn Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a kind of dance art form that is usually executed to hip hop tracks, and has originated from the hip hop culture of the Blacks and Hispanics. It is known for a variety of styles. Some of the core moves are locking, popping, breaking, which were popularized way back in the 70s in the US, and spread throughout the world from there.

Below is a video of the basic dance moves of hip hop. It features all the moves you can do with the cross step move.

The next tutorial is by hip hop extraordinaire and resident hottie, Misha Gabriel. Swipe, swipe, step your way to hip hop glory.

The next video is classified as advanced in that the video doesn’t really offer step by step tutorials. You just have to watch, and copy. Good luck!

Now, we’ve got a special one for you. This video shows “ALL THE MOVES” of hip hop. Well, not really. But, 16 minutes of hip hop should be enough to have you freestyling like a pro with these foundations in mind.